Book bound by human skin is in auction

It is a government attempt to turn down the government that was discovered in England in 1605Gunpowder plotA book bound by Henry · Garnet 's skin who was responsible to the auction was put on the auction.

There is also an image, but when you hear that it is made of human skin it appears to have a rough atmosphere.

The image of the book is from the following.'Facebook' bound in priest's skin for sale - Telegraph

There is a part that is discolored a little, and a suspicious atmosphere drifts.

This book of human skin was made at King Jing Printing Office a few months after Henry Garnett's execution. A person who puts the book into the auction says "I do not know at all whether the winning bid price will be 1000 pounds (about 220,000 yen) or only a few hundred pounds."

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