Movie collection of songs covered by the most people in history

Beatles' famous song "Yesterday" which is covered by musicians all over the world and has kept Guinness records as "world's most covered songs". A movie singing that "Yesterday" is gathered by famous artists such as Elvis Presley which is said to be "King of rock 'n' roll" and Ray Charles called "God of Seoul".

Details are as below.
Elvis Presley's "Yesterday" said to be "King of rock and roll".
YouTube - Elvis Presley Sings Yesterday (Live, 1970)

"Yesterday" by Frank Sinatra called "The Voice".
YouTube - Frank Sinatra sings "Yesterday"

"Yesterday" of Ray Charles called "God of Seoul".
YouTube - Ray Charles - Yesterday

A musical work that became a movie "Dream girls"Yesterday" of the female group · Supremes model became a model.
YouTube - The Supremes - Yesterday

"Yesterday" by tenor singer Placido Domingo.
YouTube - Placido Domingo sings Yesterday

"Yesterday" by Tom Jones who sang the theme song of "007 Thunderball Operation".
YouTube - Tom Jones Yesterday

"Yesterday" of Marianne Faithful who made a debut with a pure image.
YouTube - marianne faithfull yesterday

"Boys II sings in a cappella" Yesterday ".
YouTube - Boyz II Men - Yesterday acapella

In addition to this, "Yesterday" movies by various musicians can be seen from the following.
25 Best Covers of The Beatles' Yesterday

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