Ultra B class action entertainment "Bakuretsu angel", DVD-BOX will be released

Director · Koichi Ohata · Character draft · Shirao Kazuki, series composition · Shimo Fumihiko gathered luxurious staff called GONZO as an animation production, the original animation of Gun & Robot Action on the stage in the near future "Bakuretsu Tenshi" DVD- BOX will be on sale.

The BOX jacket is newly drawn by Chika Right Moon, a luxury booklet of a new production is enclosed as BOX privilege, as well as CM of DVD as a video benefit, OVA "Bakuretsuten - Infiniti" is also fully compiled DVD complete It has become - BOX. The release date is January 23 (Friday), which is 7,500 yen (including tax) for 7 DVDs.

Details are as below.
"Bomb Angel" Official WEB site

"Bombing Angel" is a TV animation broadcast from April 2004 to September 2004. While setting the stage in Tokyo in the near future, it has a western atmosphere and has become a super enterprise B entertainment work with gun & robot action.

This time the BOX jacket draws down the white Moon moon Moon. A newly created booklet (32P) is enclosed in the picture label specification, and non-telop OP · ED, OVA "Bomb Tenshi - Infinity" is included as picture benefits. It is 7,500 yen (including tax) with 7 DVDs. The product code is ZMSZ - 4325.

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