Mug cup whose color changes with temperature "ON OFF Mug"

A mug that you can see at a glance whether drinks in it are cold or warm by changing color. Not only color but also "ON" "OFF" letters are also displayed, so obvious. With this, you might be able to prevent burning by thinking warm drinks as cold drinks.

Let's see how it will change.

Pictures are as follows.
Charles & Marie -: On Off Mug

In a cold state it is a black mug. It is written "OFF" with white letters.

When you put a warm drink, the color you see will change.

The cup is white. The letters "ON" emerged in surplus.

The movie that shoots the color changing as follows
YouTube - ON / OFF Mug Gadget Mania

It may be useful in families with small children. There are some places to sell in Japan, and the price seems to be about 4500 yen.

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