I made donkotsu soup with porcine roast baking extra edition, bone of the remaining pig

A report that ate the roasted barbecue "I'd like to experience it once in my lifetime and I ordered a "roasted barbecue" and eaten as much as I want"When"I tried to eat "Pig Brain Miso" by completely disassembling the whole round of pigs, breaking the skull"This time it was sent in this edition" I made a donkotsu soup "version that can be said as the last episode. I wish I could boil all the bones of a pig at a stroke, but as expected it was impossible to prepare a large pot so far, so I decided to make it easily with a frying pan etc.

The way to make ordinary pig bone soup is to put the pig bones and pig skin in water and cook it for about 8 hours. Collagen becomes gelatinous and connects water and oilEmulsification phenomenonIt will happen and will turn white. Because it is completed with no oil on top, it takes quite a while.

However, the pig bones soup using this pig's round grill did not take such a trouble at all. The photo & movie report of the state of cooking actually is as follows.
This is the last remaining bone. If combined the specimen of pig bones should definitely be completed.

This is pig skin

The rest of the flesh caught from the bones.

In this experiment, I decided to make it separately because it has only donkey on the left side and skin only on the right side.

At first it is like this

Skin only. Good point.

Bone only. Graffiti.

And 30 minutes passed ...

It is getting pretty white already.

It also passed 30 minutes. The leather is growing and it blows. At this point the interior of the kitchen will begin to fill up with an incomprehensible fragrance like a ramen shop is doing.

Add more water and simmer for an additional 30 minutes

Stirring ......

But, furthermore, the skin sucked up water and the water evaporated quickly. When I came to see it after about 30 minutes from the state where I added water, I evaporated without leaving anything other than leather and burned to the bottom. Here the pot with skin only fails ......

For the other donkey, add water and simmer for an additional 30 minutes.

Just 90 minutes passed from the beginning. It was such a feeling.

I will get rid of dongba

Tentatively completed the first stage. Exquisitely white. At first, when the first 30 minutes have elapsed, the oil and the white part were separated, but at the present moment it does not separate at all. It seems that it has emulsified. Originally it took 8 hours to finish in one and a half hours. When it was a bone that was not roasted before this pig, it could not be done in such a short time, so the power of superheated steam of round roast is terrible.

However, it is hard to keep it as it is, so I will decide to use onion as an odor eliminator. Just cut two pieces of medium size in half.

Put this in a pig bones soup and simmer for about 30 minutes

Good point ......

Thirty minutes have elapsed, onions naturally spread like this in this way. And it became completely unique ramen shop 's unique delicious scent. The best, the moment of bliss.

In this way the remaining onion will be removed with a monkey

Completion This is the original pig bone soup.

It is delicious to simply sing Chinese soup as it is, but let's make it ramen after all. Noodles used Chinese meditation.

The soup in front is a Chinese soup, the left side is the thing which tasted the tongkotsu soup with salt pepper, the right side is the thong koto soup with the soup of Chinese indulgence as a sauce.

Chinese food salad

Tonkotsu soup tasted with salt pepper

Soup with Chinese fancy soup as thrown with donkey soup

Completion with noodles. Only the back side of the Chinese side, the front left side is Tongkong soup, the front right side is Chinese stuff + Tonkotsu soup.

As a taste, the donkey soup only person was very smooth with a taste. It is a feeling like the so-called "cheerfully refreshing soup". Although it is refreshing, it is rich and flavorful flavor, it is very delicious with feeling that inconsistent elements live together. This is also awesome taste, which is sumptuous with soup of Chinese and it is a feeling that rich richness expands evenly even when saltiness is heard. In short, this donkotsu soup itself is "mashi" in miso soup, so if you join it with miso it becomes rich miso soup. It became a magical tonkotsu soup that can make the flavor spread at a stretch just by adding a bit. It is amazing that things like this will be completed just by sticking them for 2 hours. It became a feeling that it was exactly the taste of bone.

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