"Founder of Rock" Chuck Berry's House is recognized as a National Historic Site of the United States

The only rock music that escaped the solar system"Johnny B. Good"John Lennon is also an active 82-year-old rock musician who said that" If you give another name to rock and roll, it is "chuck berry"Chuck BerryThe house is to be accredited as an American national historic site despite the fact that the person himself is still active and engaged in music activities.

Details are below.
STLtoday - 12/15/2008 - Chuck Berry's former St. Louis house added to National Register of Historic Places

Chuck Berry is just a debut work "Mayberry」And his masterpiece" Johnny · B · Good "was composed, was living in the basement of this house from 1950 to 1958, he wrote in autobiography that the first floor was in the rental room. After he left, this house seems to have been owned by two companies outside the state, but it was put on sale for several years.

It is inherently impossible for the house of the person living, still active, to be recognized as a historic site. However, for example, "Johnny B. Good"Jimi Hendrix,Elvis Presley,the beatles,Elton John, Etc. It is covered by popular musicians and walking with his waist bending while playing his distinctive guitar, has become established as a staple of stage performance, such as the strange thing that is so wonderful But it may not be.

The tax incentive measures will be accepted by the historical site recognition, but the building will naturally become rough unless preservation measures are taken, so early measures are required.

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