Apple acquires classical music label BIS

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BIS , a record label that mainly dealt with classical music, established in 1973, was under Apple's umbrella. Founder Robert von Bahr issued a statement on his website, welcoming the acquisition.

BIS Records

Apple to Acquire Major Classical Music Label BIS Records - MacRumors

BIS is a label that focuses on a variety of classical music, with a particular focus on works that are not often represented on existing recordings. It has won numerous awards in the world of classical music and is highly regarded for its extensive catalog and impressive sound quality.

On September 5, 2023, Mr Barr said, 'BIS has always been good at remunerating its core repertoire, while nurturing young classical artists and interesting composers in the field, and preserving musical treasures for the future. To that end, after much consideration, we are excited to announce the significant news that we have made the decision to become part of the Apple family.' revealed.

Apple has begun to focus on handling classical music, and in 2021 it will

acquire Primephonic , a classical music streaming service. Two years later, Apple released Apple Music Classical , a new music app dedicated to classical music, giving Apple Music subscribers access to classical music at no additional cost. Unlike the main Apple Music app, this app allows you to search by conductors, performing groups, and recording years that are important in classical music.

Apple announces the release of a new music app 'Apple Music Classical' specializing in classical music on March 28, 2023-GIGAZINE

``Apple and BIS share a common idea about the importance of maintaining sound quality, and just as BIS has always pursued excellent sound quality, Apple also has a strong commitment to sound. We thought long and hard about how we could preserve and build on our honorable history, and we sought a partner who would further our mission.Apple is committed to the next era of classics. It is an ideal base to carve out and has shown a true commitment to building a future where classical music and technology are in harmony. It is my vision that we all become part of this future and I sincerely hope that It's my dream.''

All BIS employees will remain and work in the same department as Apple Music Classical and Platoon.

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