A man who made a tall Christmas tree to break through his roof

Someone who stood a tall Christmas tree to break through the roof of the house appeared. Of course it was neither the wrong size nor the shipper made a mistake. How exactly did you go home?

Details are below.

Zeitgeist >> Blog Archive >> Greig Howe And His Ex-Tree-Mely Large 35 Foot Christmas Tree

This tree decorates a tree of 35 feet (about 10 meters) in height with 160 ornaments and 2000 pieces of LEDs and places the stars at the top. The total cost is about 250 pounds (about 34,000 yen). The image is taller than the house as it is.

How to put such a big thing in the house, the way is simple. I cut the tree into three with a saw, just lay the root on the first floor, the middle on the second floor, and the top part on the rooftop. It seems that there are no holes on the floor or ceiling. Since the part that is broken can not be seen from the window, it can be seen as a tree from the outside.

First floor part

Second floor part

It looks like it is breaking through

Mr. Graig, who set up this tree, was 35 years old living in the UK and had two children, "I wanted to make Christmas that two children can not forget, thanks to everyone who passes in front of the house thanks to that I will see it. "

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