"Miyamoto Musashi - a dream to twin sword" of the original Oshii Mamoru, pre-sale of pre-sale special viewing tickets at comic market 75

Mamoru Oshii's new work "Miyamoto Musashi - a dream to twin sword" scheduled to be released early in 2009It is now clear that advance tickets for advance sales of the songs are pre-sold at Comic Market 75. Tickets are limited in quantity with luxurious benefits, and as a fan it is an item you want to get.

Details are as below.

2009 early summer released movie "Miyamoto Musashi - a dream to twin sword" - Official site

"Miyamoto Musashi - a dream to twin sword -" is the draft of Oshii Mamoru as a draft and screenwriter, "The Ghost in the Sheel", "Inogensu" "Inogensu" "Sky · Crawlers The Sky Crawlers" Works gathered by members of. Publication is early 2009.

Advance special appreciation tickets will be released at the "Poniacan" booth at Comic Market 75 to be held from 28th to 30th December.

Tickets are only available in this set, Nakazawa Ichiro Special ticket that applied special processing using the picture drawn down.

As a bonus, based on the sword of a sword that Miyamoto Musashi actually used, based on the gorgeous paper weight which superimposed the wave of the Olympic book and the image of the moon.

It is a dish with a heavy feeling that delicate processing that can be used as a key holder, as an accessory to wear.

The "Poniacan" booth is the company booth No.253 in the west 4th floor, and since the ticket is 1000 sets at 3500 yen (tax included), those who are interested should check out the booth.

By the way, the state of the production presentation at the Tokyo International Anime Fair is like this.

Mr. Oshii Mamoru and Shigeru Izumiya also attended "Miyamoto Musashi - Production of Twin Sword Dream" Production Presentation - GIGAZINE

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