Successfully shooting with a tremendous dense fog with each line of JR West lagging behind, how deep a fog was.

JR West train service informationAccording to the page, a thick fog occurs between Ibaraki Station and Senrioka station on the JR Kyoto Line, and a delay of 20 minutes to 50 minutes occurs, and even in the vicinity of Tamasui Station of the Nara Line, it takes 10 minutes to 20 minutes In the Yamato line, a delay of 10 minutes to 25 minutes due to a thick fog in the vicinity of Koriyama station, a dense fog occurred intermittently on the Sagano line, so a delay of about 10 minutes to 15 minutes, However, due to heavy fog, driving cancellation and substantial delay are occurring, and we are in a great turbulence situation such as carrying out transfer transfers, but we succeeded in shooting by accident how deep fog was. .

The state of thick fog is from the following.

2008/12/10 10:45, movie addition
Shooting at 8:57 in Shin-Osaka station home, the other side of that fog is Osaka station side

Level that what the hell happened

It is forced to slow down if it is dense so far

So, look at the opposite side


What is behind this ... ...

This is the movie taken on Shinkansen from Shin-Osaka Station

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