The 20th Naniwa Yodogawa fireworks display, the last real fireworks full of immense movies

Annual "annual" held from August 9 (Saturday) 19:50 to 20:40Naniwa Yodo River Firework Display"I got the Aurus movie from GIGAZINE readers. I was able to shoot very well, so I can understand exactly what kind of atmosphere it was.

Playback is from the following.
Good vibes

For reference, this is the case when shooting from near the editorial department of GIGAZINE.

Ahaha, far yo

2008/08/10 4:11 Addendum
It is said that it was "Starting at 10:40 am by advancing 10 minutes from the fact that the cloud is doubtful". By the way it does not feel like that. Because it temporarily became a thunderstorm from about 19:30, I have a memory that I thought that it was already canceled.

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