Very cheap fire alarm that can be purchased for hundreds of yen

It is now obligatory to install a fire alarm even in general households, but it is not cheap, so it is not something that you can easily buy any number of items easily. Although it is a fire alarm device originally tens of thousands of yen, there seems to be a fire alarm device that can be purchased for several hundred yen. It's an incredible price, but let's see what it's like.

Pictures are as follows. jpam2a8sjktxh5hwsw29.jpg

When the flame approaches, "Papapaparn!" Sounds, the shape also swells and appeals to the vision. After use it is economical to be able to eat popcorn of contents.

However, since there is a possibility that it is too late because it does not respond if the flame does not come close, it is very likely that it is too late, and it may not be an alarm device acknowledged by the Fire Service Law, so as far as possible a general fire alarm We recommend using the instrument.

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