Dutch men who became 46 fathers without sex

A man in the Netherlands continued to offer sperm for many years, resulting in 46 fathers. In addition, there are six more mothers currently pregnant. How could such a thing be done?

Details are below.

No sex dad has 46 kids and six due - mirror.co.uk

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Ed Houben is a sightseeing guide living in Maastricht, the Netherlands, and also the man who became the most sperm donor in Europe.

There are many facts and marriages in Europe, and the lives of homosexuals are not uncommon. There is also a background that desires to live by a single woman, but children want it is also a lot, and sperm banks are actively used.

So there are quite a few demands for sperm, but there are not many providers. For example, in the UK, sperm provision can not be anonymously made in April 2005, so the number of providers has declined sharply, supply has ceased to catch up. Sperm can also be stored frozenRecord fertilized with sperm frozen 21 years agoThere is also, but there is nothing I can do without a donor.

Originally Ed was registered as a donor in vitro fertilization clinic in the Netherlands, but in that regulation there were only 25 donors possible.

However, Ms. Ed said, "It makes me understand how difficult it is to find sperm donors for those who want children," and now I am calling for the offer on the Internet. Also, it seems that some people who received the offer may introduce it in the word of mouth.

I inject sperm myself to keep costs down "Syringe fertilizationPeople who do as much as possible wish for fresh sperm, so it seems that sometimes they go over to provide sperm over the border. After having "fulfilled obligation" in the hotel's toilet, he sometimes handed over sperm and returned home.

By the way Ed says "Born children feel like a friend rather than their own children." Recently, he seems to have carried out a home party with 12 children and their families, "It is said that children got a good opportunity to get acquainted with their brothers and sisters."

As a result of various searches, it seems that such inter-individual transactions of sperm are done in Japan, and there are exchanges in blogs and bulletin boards. It seems that barriers are still high for in vitro fertilization and artificial insemination as health insurance is not applied yet, it seems that it takes a little more time for people who really want children to receive the necessary assistance.

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