EMobile's hidden ball, the smallest smartphone with full keyboard "Dual Diamond" haste photo review

E-Mobile as a terminal for winter salesAnnouncing the addition of a very compact smartphone "Dual Diamond"I told you that, we will deliver that photo review at once.

It has become a very compact smartphone which has drawn a line with other companies.

Details are as follows.
This is "Dual Diamond". The left is a pearl white model of e-mobile limited color, right is black model.

The back side looks like this.

It was opened. It might be nice to have a soft key. The direction to open isWILLCOM 03The direction is opposite.

When pearl white is opened, the back side looks like this.

This is a black model.

Adopt 2.4 inch QVGA LCD on the screen.

Highly versatile USB miniB connector is adopted.

"Touch DiamondI arranged it side by side. It is very slim.

"Dual Diamond" has a height.

The thickness is like this. It is somewhat thick, but because of the slimness and the shape that makes it easy to fit in the hand, "Dual Diamond" is easier to hold.

It is EMOBILE who chooses to release "Touch Pro" in the same way as other companies, and has decided to launch smartphones that emphasize the ease of holding, but new choices have been added to the user I am glad.

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