Sony developed high-quality "Blu-spec CD" using Blu-ray technology, playable even with existing players

It seems that Sony has developed a high-quality CD "Blu-spec CD" using Blu-ray technology.

Not only is it a higher quality sound than a conventional CD, it can also be played by existing players.

Details are as follows.
SME, Blu-ray technology applied High Quality CD Playback on General Machine Digital Home Appliances Entertainment - Latest News: IT-PLUS

According to the Nihon Keizai Shimbun news report, Sony Music Entertainment has developed "Blu-spec CD" which can apply higher quality sound than ordinary CD using Blu-ray technology.

Despite its high sound quality, the "Blu-spec CD" complies with the CD standard, so it can be reproduced as it is by popular music players.

In addition, it is said that the price you are interested in will be 2,500 yen (in the case of 1 set) that is 715 yen higher than the usual CD, and 60 works such as classics and jazz will be released on December 24.

By the way, speaking of the high-quality CD that conforms to the current CD standard, Victor etc. adopted polycarbonate resin for liquid crystal panel with high transparency as a material "Super · High Material CD (SHM-CD)"Is already released, is the technology adopted for" Blu-spec CD "also is to use the material of Blu-ray disc? It is worrisome.

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