In Halloween, "I gotta give sweets, I will mischief you" I received a stimulant and cash

A couple living in MinnesotaHalloweenOn the day of the 7th birthday I saw the loot he had told me, "I will give you a sweet (Trick or treat)", and when I saw the war loot, it was $ 85 (about 8400 yen) The cash was caught intermittently.

What on earth will this be like?

Details are as below.
Parents of Minn. 7-year-old find methamphetamine and $ 85 in cash among his Halloween treats -

It was Halloween night that I found. When I was checking my loot after my child came back, I heard that they found a stimulant and $ 85 cash in between the Snickers and Skittles (both sweets like chocolate bars).

The couple immediately called the police and confirmed that the stimulant is equivalent to 200 dollars at the terminal price. Apparently it seems that some sort of teenager got in while Husband and Wife's 7-year-old son was hanging around with her older sister who was 9 years old. According to the story of a 7-year-old child, a big brother ran and asked "I want candy?", So he replied "yes", it seems he was thrown into the bag. The stimulant seemed to look like ice sugar at first glance.

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