Technology that puts both standards of Blu-ray and HD DVD on one optical disc

Blu - ray and HD DVD which started a battle as the next - generation DVD as a result of unified unification, but it seems that technologies capable of putting both standards into one optical disk are developed.

With this technology, if video software recorded with both Blu - ray and HD DVD standards is lined up at the shop front, you may not have to worry about whether you can see it with the player you own.

Details are as follows.New technology could nip DVD format war in the bud | Tech & amp; Sci | Technology |

According to this article, British media technology companies have succeeded in recording both Blu - ray and HD DVD standard data by making an optical disc of up to 10 multi - layer structure.

Also, while the production cost of the existing single layer disc is 6 cents per one, the multilayered disc using this new technology costs only 9 cents, and when producing a multilayered disc one layer The cost is superior to the conventional technology which cost three times as much as the cost.

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