Capacity is 200 times that of Blu-ray, the cost is too low, and new optical disc material is discovered

Together with the spread of high-definition television, the recent transition from DVD (capacity per layer 4.7 GB) to Blu-ray (capacity per layer is 25 GB) is steadily progressing, but what a Blu-ray 200 A new optical disc material that realizes double capacity has been discovered.

Despite realizing a tremendous large capacity, the material cost is overwhelmingly lower than DVD and Blu-ray, and it is very promising content.

Details are as below.
Optical Recording Medium: New Material Discovery 200 times Information Recording by Blu-ray - Everyday jp (Mainichi Newspaper)

The Mainichi Shimbun news reports that metal oxides that can be switched between a state that is easy to pass through electricity and a state that is difficult to pass through by hitting light are called the University of Tokyo graduate schoolProfessor Shinichi OkoshiIt seems that their team has found out.

Professors Okoshi et al. Reported that the substances showing catalytic activity by irradiating the raw materials of raw powder and lightphotocatalyst"Titanium Oxides" which are widely used as "Titanium Oxides", and investigated the properties by making nanocrystals of "Titanium pentoxide" in which three titanium atoms and five oxygen atoms are bonded, it was found that ultraviolet to near infrared It was revealed that the crystal structure changed when laser light of a wavelength corresponding to that was changed and it changed to semiconductive property which is hard to pass electricity.

We also confirmed that the opposite change occurred, and also nanocrystals of "titanium dioxide" were easily heated by bubbling hydrogen into the furnace to make nanocrystals of "pentaoxide trioxide" easy We also developed a way to make it.

In addition, while rare metals such as germanium are used for DVD and Blu-ray discs, the price of nanocrystals of "tri-titanate" discovered this time is about 1/100 It is highly safe to use it as a material for optical discs, it is said to be able to record about 200 times the information of Blu - ray disc with light of almost the same strength as conventional disc.

Although it seems that it is aiming to collaborate with enterprises for practical use in the future, if it is realized, 5 TB (5000 GB) per one piece, which is 2.5 times the current 2 TB (2000 GB) model HDD which currently has the largest capacity by simple calculation, Since it is necessary to have more than one disk now because a disk that can record is created, it will take a lot of work "Is it possible to perform HDD backup with one optical disk" easily? .

Incidentally, the paper published in scientific journal "Nature Chemistry".

Access: Synthesis of a metal oxide with a room-temperature photoreversible phase transition: Nature Chemistry

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