A photograph that appears to have made a mistake on the cover of TIME magazine will be posted

"TIME"Is an American weekly magazine that boasts one of the most issued circles in the world and is also known for deciding" Person of the Year "each year that selects the person who played the most active part in that year.

In the United States just because the presidential election will be voted on November 4, the device used for voting decorated the cover in November 3 issue issue, but if the picture was apparently a mistake photograph Is not it?

Details are as below.
PhotoshopDisasters: Time: Machine For Floating Voters

It is pointed out that you can see it on the cover of TIME magazine properly on the cover of "TIME" Vol.172 No.18 issued on November 3.

TIME Magazine Cover: 7 Things That Could Go Wrong on Election Day - Nov. 3, 2008 - Elections - Election 2008

It is a voting machine that implements the presidential election of the United States that is located in the center. However, if you look closely at its feet, the two front legs and their shades are in agreement properly, but the parts that support them behind are not in agreement with the shadows. Although it may have failed when adding a shadow, too much sloppy work .... Or, there may be something involved and it may be staggering the shades on purpose.

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