Ferrari-based flying supercar "Autovolantor"

The supercar under development called "Autovolantor" is based on Ferrari, according to the company of the developer, it seems that there is a possibility that it can be realized within 2 years. In other words, usually you will blow up the ground and if you get caught in traffic, you can fly through the sky.

Sounds like a fantastic dream, how much money do you need?

Details are as below.
Stuck in traffic? Meet the new supercar based on a Ferrari that could fly you out of jams - for 500,000 | Mail Online

This is based on the current design plan

The price is about 500 thousand euros (about 63.81 million yen), and the speed is about 160 kilometers per hour when traveling on the ground. It seems that it is about 240 kilometers when flying in the air. According to Bruce Calkins who designed this supercar, this flying supercar is based on Ferrari 599 GTB (price is 200,000 euros, Japanese yen is about 25.52 million yen), and the eight fans installed are powered It is said that it is. These fans have obtained 800 horsepower power, which makes it possible to levitate like a helicopter, moving forward by lowering the tip of the car, it seems possible to rotate left and right with similar reasoning. Although it is possible to reach a maximum altitude of about 5000 feet (about 1.5 kilometers) by this, it is recommended to fly at an altitude less than that if it is realistically considered.

To derive the power of this 800 horsepower, a hybrid fuel and electric system system is necessary as power, continuous mileage of 150 miles (about 241 kilometers) on the ground without refueling, 75 miles (about 120 kilometers ) It seems that it is possible to fly continuously.

However, design is still in its early stages, and only small scale model exists. However, by creating this model, it is confirmed that it can be built with the current technology and can be realized.

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