The murder case in Miami which did not cease for over 40 years stops for the first time

Miami is said to be one of the areas where crime rates are high in the United States. However, it seems that the murder case in Miami did not occur at all in October 2008, and it became a memorable month.

America is among developed countriesHigher number of murdersIt seems that it is quite a fruitful thing to say that zero murder is a month.

Details are as below. - Miami Goes Murder Free For A Month

In Miami, since the incident by the gun on 26th September 2008, it is said that the murder case has not occurred and that the murder case did not occur for 1 month since 1966. Mr. Peter Fullerton, born in Miami who was thinking of moving out of bad security, says "It is big news."

According to Mr. Manny Diaz, Mayor of Miami, thanks to the police thanks to the murder achievement, he says, "I pay homage to the citizens who were in danger every day".

By the way, Japan is said to be safe in the world,Osaka prefectural police announced crime statisticsAccording to the report, the number of murder cases recognized during September 2008 was 17, which means that zero monthly murder is a very wonderful record.

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