Technology that allows you to watch two programs at the same time on a single TV

While you are watching a TV program in the living room, there are times when you are told that your family wants to watch another program, but there seems to be a technology that allows you to listen to two different programs with one unit.

Although it seems to be simply "I do not mind if I look in 2 screen mode", it seems to be a more breakthrough technology.

Details are as follows.
Double the viewers, double the TV

According to this article, the leading American semiconductor manufacturerTexas InstrumentsIt seems that they are developing technology that allows two different programs to be viewed at the same time on one TV.

This is to output two different programs of A and B at the same time on screen, and viewers will be able to watch only A or B by using attached glasses. For voice, one of them says that you need to use headphones.

Better yet, it may be better to sort the voice to each viewer by using a super directional speaker, etc. Then, if you buy another TV or use the one-segment broadcast viewing function of the mobile phone Perhaps it is faster.

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