A baby protected by being wrapped in a bubble wrap at a hospital

There seems to be a hospital that uses cushioning material with air used for shipping fragile baggage, for protection of babies.

Because it is a transparent cushioning material, it looks like a novel bed created by designers, but is it comfortable?

Details are as below.
How a tiny premature baby was kept alive - in bubble wrap | Mail Online

Delivery is accelerated due to mothers becoming a urinary tract infection during pregnancy, Gregor Craig-kun was born in a very small body. Weighing only 850 grams in 24 weeks of age, there seems to be only 10% possibility of survival. Therefore, Kintyre physician introduced a method of keeping body temperature by wrapping Gregor with cushioning material.

Gregor-kun sleeps wrapped in cushioning material

Although it was the first time to protect using cushioning materials, it succeeded successfully, Gregor became able to live with his family at home in Argyle, Scotland in five months after birth. Mr. Martine, my mother, said, "I never thought of being able to live together at home, I did not expect to survive in such a small space."

Gregor-kun who was small enough to pass his arm to his father's wedding ring

Gregor is currently 6 months old. It seems that there is a problem with hearing a little, but "It is a trivial thing compared to being here together now," Martine says.

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