A baby deemed dead will survive in the cooling room after an hour

A baby deemed to have died by a doctor is said to have breathed a breath in the hospital's cooling device. According to the doctor, it seems to have been fortunate to have been in the cooling system, but with a miraculous survival, the power of life is felt.

Details are from the following.Baby pronounced dead lives after hours in cooler | Oddly Enough | Reuters

Faiza Magdoub (26), a baby's mother, told the doctor to give up birth at the 23rd week of pregnancy, and it seems that the baby has already been said to have died. After that, it is thought that the baby was taken out from the womb of the mother and put in the cooling device. The baby is a premature baby who has only 600 grams and was in the cooling device for at least 5 hours.

Father Mr. Faiza Magdoub noticed the baby moving in the cooling device and took out from the refrigeration unit. After that, the baby grasped the hand of Faiza Magdoub's mother (grandmother from the baby) and saw where she opened her mouth, she could confirm that she was alive. Moshe Daniel, a hospital representative director, says he can not explain medically by a miraculous survival. Also, Motti Ravid, a professor of internal medicine, seems to have been survived because of the delay in metabolic decline due to being in the cooling device.

Currently the baby is in the neonatal intensive care unit of the hospital. The doctor says he does not know how much this baby can live, seems to be in a situation where it is still unpredictable.

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