"Kodomo no Jikan" sequel released on February 20 at OVA, the first time limited edition, released a scene cut from the second stage precedent PV attached to the comics limited edition

The TV animation "Kodomo no Jikan" that became a topic of something that telephony broadcasting was partly spoken or a part of the screen could not see the character of "". Although the information to produce the sequel has been flowing from the past, it has decided to become the deployment with OVA of what it is completely limited for the first time.

It was revealed that its "second semester 2 semester course" will be released on February 20 (Fri) 2009. This time, I will introduce the scene cut from the bonus DVD included "Comic 5 Volume 5 (Special Limited Edition)" Second Premiere! PV! ".

Children's day

Key visual is like this, catch phrase is "a bit odd than ever! I will keep trying hard" ♥

One subject is "Yoanzei". I think that Aoki, who saw Rin running for the classroom chairperson, is also planning something, but I will review the situation looking at how well classmates are summarizing. However, there is no one when Aoki enters the classroom at the time of cleaning. It's fun to watch what kind of story will be developed in the synopsis of the synopsis.

There seems to be a pretty scenes.

"Kodomo no jikan 2 semester 1 subject" is the first time limited production and is released from Bandai Visual on February 20 (Fri) 2009.

The bonus is a special CD "Ojet no Jikan", the theme song of "Kojika Rajo" theme song & short sound drama "Ringen no Jikan" that the original authors · Kaoru I Kayuru drawn down comic, Rin · Black · beauty sings And secret diary (explanation · 8P schedule), I shop Kaoru drawing illustration filled with the whole volume Kattaseki box. Video benefits are "nonsignificance OP, ED, CM collection, Eri Kitamura of role of Kujin Rin ·" Kei Shimai "by Masanori Kadowaki of Masuda Kei · Mr. Usami of Mirror Black role. Audio benefits are audio commentary by Eri Kitamura, Kei Masudo, Mai Kadowaki.

Staff & cast are as follows.

Original: I Kayoru
Director: Eiji Suganuma
Character design · total drawing director: Masakazu Ishikawa
Series composition: Yuri Okada
Color design: Haifeng Haifeng
Art director: Ayumi Kawamoto
Director of Photography: Kazuhiro Yamada
Acoustic Director: Miwa Iwami
Acoustic production: Dream force
Music production: Lantis
Music: Nishida Masala
Opening song "Guilty Future" (song: Eitan Kitamura)
Ending song "1, 2, 3 Day" (song: Littele Non)
Animation Production: Diomedia
Production: Kojaka Production Committee

Rin KOKUKO: Eiyaru Kitamura
Kagami-ku: Kei Shindo
Usami: Mai Kadowaki
Daisuke Aoki: Junji Majima
Housewife Kyoko: Tanaka Ryoko
Kuju Rage: Tomokazu Sugita
Kokonoei: Amano Yuri

© Iwa Kaoru / Kojika Production Committee

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