The most relaxing room in the world made by a psychologist

Professor of psychology at Hertfordshire University created a room where you can calm down and relax in order to heal contemporary people who are suffering from stress due to the financial crisis and so on.

I feel that most people are most likely to feel calm like my room, but what kind of room is it all in?

Details are as below.
'World's most relaxing room' opens - Telegraph

Professor Richard Wiseman of psychologist says, "Many people have a lot of stress due to the financial crisis and fiscal crisis, we have created a space to relax the stress and relax." .

Room created by Professor Richard

The room is illuminated with a soft green light, people in it seem to see an artificial blue sky. Furthermore, with the breeze, there is a fragrance of lavender calming the mind, and a lullaby of a beautiful tone color is shed. "These colors, sounds, scents all relax people, but it is the first attempt to join them into a room and it has a great effect on relaxing the mood of those who entered," Professor Richard Says.

It seems that the university claims that "I can hope to reduce absenteeism due to stress" by receiving about 15 minutes session.

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