Vintage chocolate of 106 years which I do not know whether it can be eaten

When asked the Meiji Seika I heard that the expiration date of chocolate is 12 months for plain and 9 months for chocolate containing nuts etc, but in Scotland it seems there is 106 years vintage chocolate. Whether you can eat is unknown, but historical value seems to come with this number of years.

The chocolate which is contained in the can of the above picture is not handled at all, and now it is handed down to the grandchild's cost. Let's see what the contents are like.

Details are from the following.
Good enough to eat? The box of chocolates that's 106 years old | Mail Online

Kang with chocolate included as a memorial to the coronation ceremony of King Edward VIII held on June 26, 1902St. AndrewsIt seems to have been scattered around. In Kang there is a piece of old newspaper with articles of chocolate with the article of the 50th anniversary of the dynasty and it is believed to have been scattered around the end of the newspaper in August 1902 And that.

A girl student named Martha Greig got chocolate at that time. Mr. Martha said that he kept eating as a memento. This chocolate is handed down generously and is currently owned by Freida McIntosh who is Mr. Martha's grandchild.

It looks like this in Kan. Chocolate looks like a stone.

Mr. Jean Henderson, sister of Martha and Freida McIntosh, is in the picture.

Freida also keeps this chocolate while suppressing temptation, he seems to keep the history of St. Andrews.

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