A boy stabbed with a knife about 13 centimeters across the head miraculously survives

A boy who had been bitten by a knife on his head trying to help a friend last year seems to have started hospital discharge safely this year and started attending school. At the time of discovery, the boy 's head was stuck with a 5 - inch (about 12.7 cm) knife and was in a state of no moment of grace.

Normally, it seems that if a knife with a blade length of about 13 centimeters sticks in to the head, it seems likely to die on the spot, but even if it is not cured it was able to survive safely even with a strong luck I will.

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In November 2007 a 15 - year - old boy witnessed a friend at a bus stop being struck by a burglar (trio), and when he tried to help, he was stabbed with a knife and was seriously injured. The boy seemed to be stabbed several times with a knife of 5 inches (about 12.7 centimeters) behind the chest, shoulder and forehead, and the knife was stabbed at the forehead.

A friend who was being attacked was returning to the original life on the 28th of the same month, but the boy stabbed with a knife in the head seems to have been seriously injured for about 10 months. It seems that the boy was discharged safely from this hospital and began to attend college this year, but it seems that I still have to go to the hospital because I was damaged by my nerve.

This is an X - ray photograph when a knife is stuck in the head of a boy. A knife is stuck in the head completely.

But why was he able to survive despite the fact that the knife stabbed in his head? In the X-ray photograph, it seems that it sticks to the brain, the possibility of survival is very low, and it seems that severe brain damage is likely to occur even if it is saved. So take a look at the next picture from the front.

X-ray photograph viewed from the front.

Looking at the above picture, the side of the knife is clearly visible. If you stick straight, you can not see the side like this. In short, the knife did not reach the brain, it seems that it stuck through the surface of the head bone. However, even in this state it is in a very dangerous condition, if a person who is not a doctor at the work site was trying to pull out the knife, he did not rescue him.

One of the criminal groups dropped the hat and the mobile phone to the scene, so he identified the owner from the DNA appraisal, and one of the criminal groups was arrested. The criminal who was arrested is a 17-year-old boy and it seems that the conviction is almost confirmed by a crime such as attempted murder. Regarding the remaining 2 custodians, the police are following the whereabouts.

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