The next generation LCD television by SHARP with contrast level beyond 1,000,000:1

Sharp Corp. announced today the release of super-high quality next generation LCD television. TV contrast reaches more than 1000000:1 with the next-generation MegaASV LCD. It achieves amazing level of image quality, environmental performance, and thinness.
(Japanese)AQUOS X Series

According to this press release, two models of LCD television "AQUOS X" series with the next generation liquid crystal "mega-contrast ASV" are to be on sale in Japan on October 15. Line-ups are type 65V and 52V.

"Mega-contrast ASV" realizes "mega-contrast" beyond 1,000,000:1 to express beautiful black, a black which was considered difficult for flat-screen TVs. Virtually every colour in the natural world can be reproduced by having expanded colour reappearance range into 150% of the NTSC ratios.

It carries extra-thin speaker system co-developed with Pioneer exclusively for AQUOS X series, with wide range sweet spot.

Also, a new "Wall Picture function" is adopted which allow you to enjoy the high quality images as a part of your decor. You can choose from fourteen famous paintings including masterpieces of Millet and Van Gogh, Hokusai, or load your favorite pictures via USB port or wireless infrared communication, and display it on the waiting screen.

X series Special Site

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