A watch brand that you do not know what time it is now "Tokyoflash"

Knowing people continue to make this unusual watch series that knows "Tokyo Flash Japan(TokyoFlash) "watch shop called. "If you are looking for a unique and cool watch it is exactly the shop is the extreme of cool watches!" There is only a thing to say loud, and there are plenty of watches that have passed the cool and reached a mysterious level.

I will not be able to read some time if I lose my instruction manual this time Let's see the reliable watch series "Tokyoflash". Sending it as a gift may be optimal depending on circumstances.

Watch list that you do not know what time is now from the following.
Rogue(10,600 yen)

Shinshoku(10,400 yen)

It is actually moving
YouTube - Tokyo Flash

Galaxy(13,300 yen)

Kyokusen(13,300 yen)

Tibida(10,400 yen)

Infection(13,300 yen)

You can see many unusual watches from the following as well.

Tokyoflash Japan: Browse Unique Japanese Watches

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