Headline news on 8th September 2008

As a planning product of the "Evangelion New Theatrical Version" whose sequel is awaited,Entry plug type USB flash memory (PDF)Will be released on September 27. There is a version number 0 and a first version machine, and the memory capacity is 2 GB. Kaga Create Co., Ltd. sells, and Gainax, the producer of the series, is in charge of cooperation and supervision. It seems that USB flash memory of domestic flash memory maker Hagiwara Siscom is used inside. There seems to be no gimmick especially in the memory itself, but please check out the fans.

So, tomorrowSeptember 9. On September 9th one year ago GIGAZINE wrote such an article.

What kind of questions will be asked about Google interview exam? - GIGAZINE

Nuclear shelter created assuming nuclear attack from the US military during the Cold War - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
"Pixiv" Number of members exceeded 300,000 in one year - ITmedia News(The total number of submissions of net service, illustrations is about 1.5 million, about 7000 postings per day)

Rakioku(Internet service, the first auction site that can participate for free for the first time in Japan, management is covered by advertisement revenue, and the lowest price bidder can be bid)

MIAU publishes net textbooks, explains non-anonymity and mail dependence(Part of Internet service, literacy education)

Reservation reservations are "Rakuten Travel" and "Jalan net" many, DIMSDRIVE survey(Net service, surely both are useful at reservation of accommodation)

Refusing Yahoo auc "ID takeover" report, there is no fact of information leakage(The objection that there is no ID outflow from the net service, Yahoo! auction)

FujiSankei Business i. Comprehensive / Blu-ray Market Share Antagonism "Former Comrade" Low Price Machine Battle(Hardware, Sharp rapidly expanding market)

Sony, "the thinnest in history" walkman - ITmedia + D LifeStyle(Hardware, thin type Walkman with noise canceling function compatible with a wide range of music / movies)

Yusuke Furuta Akiba Pick Up! : "This is the real flying" - CR - 5400 (1/4) that has gone fancy at the start - ITmedia + D PC USER(Hardware, recalled to the arrow next to MS Duo self-made adapter released by expectation)

Expectations 2 years passed · Why did the omai news fail (down)? Internet - latest news: IT-PLUS(About big fails that you do not know what media caused it, what caused it to fail)

Mobile sales ranking (August 25 - August 31): iPhone 3G, going out of the overall ranking area ─ ─ anticipated "dead" period, price reduction of old models also actively (1/3) - ITmedia + D Mobile(Mobile, the mobile phone industry where lifecycle is too short)

Listen to the development team "WILLCOM D4" second part: "Voice in smartphone is not good" boosts development of "D4" - ITmedia + D Mobile(Mobile, received desire "I want you to make it mobile PC at once")

Japan HP news release Second autumn and winter model for personal notebook PC September 8, 2008(Hardware, high-definition movie playback support function, etc.)

"W 62 PT" Interview with developer "Easy" Pantech stuck to the second type of WIN terminal(Interview with developers of Pantech who released mobile, senior au terminal)

NEC, "Super 3 G" core network equipment development vendor(Mobile, descending is 100 Mbps or more)

Outside voice not listed Expert judge system Honen of judicial officials - Fukuoka prefectural newspaper ONLINE(Judge, some official of the Ministry of Justice says, "If you do not worry, we will fail earlier in the evening")

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Deceased survivors and others who are working at McDock 's death "death from overwork" and application for occupational accidents - Society(Labor, sluggish labor time management such as that it was recorded as "public holiday" on collapsed day)

Utada Akihiro's "Case book of the earth village": Google's greatness and its limits have come to light(Google, about future developments of Google)

Masu Shunpei's identity became MIAU "Guardian" - Nobuo Ikeda blog(Notice that it was dissatisfied with the person appointed as the guardian of MIAU "

Story to prove zero and transparency - Coderanoblog 3(I'm explaining to some extent the circumstances about the above MIAU's rumor)

Mercure's guardian problem of music distribution memo and blog of Mr. Nobuo Ikeda about the future(It is easy to understand as it explains with time series about the matter of MIAU above)

"Limit settlement" in Tokyo · Shinjuku Large scale metropolitan housing complex ages(Social, super aging with majority of residents becoming over 65 years old)

Director Michael Moore releases new films for free on the net - ITmedia News(Movie, 3 weeks from September 23, 97 minutes high resolution works can be downloaded for free, but only for North American residents)

Motoyama Yukiko's New Theater: A Prison Movie Masterpiece - "The Shawshank Sky" - ITmedia + D LifeStyle(Movie, that masterpiece finally appeared as Blu-ray software)

Masayumi Oda - "Talk only at social gatherings" is funny - @ IT own strategy institute(There is a presentation material on the second page about technique, how to gather information without taking time)

Notes that an editor wants: When you make a mistake, it is more important than "apologize".(Work, "Make a" mechanism "to minimize the possibility of mistakes and problems)

Geek's page: What you should do for students(Life, "Great Failure" "Doing Embarrassing Things" "Asking a Question" "Getting angry" "Playing with full strength" etc.)

When people truly learn: ITpro(Learning, you can not master without going through the stage of cutting your own money)

"XX can not do!" Game based on the daily work of the company(Mobile, application that games everyday in company)

Tecmo KOEI is the world's biggest reorganization of the game industry that pushes the way to Japan? Digital home electronics & amp; entertainment - Shinkyo game scramble: IT-PLUS(There is a table comparing the size of the game company on the game, the second page, which is helpful)

Tea Fairy: Overseas gamer's question "Why is the American version Kirby's illustration angry?" - livedoor Blog (blog)(Game, Kirby abroad seems strong)

4Gamer.net - [Gamefest 08 # 05] Capcom thinking game development, and world strategy. What kind of game company in Japan should be? (Resident Evil 5)(I look back on my past about the importance of games and talent)

【2ch】 Daily thread guide: if the computer becomes evil eye(Neta, "Open file → Unlock seal" "Welcome → Well came ..." etc.)

Tempa I will force you to contract hair in a hair salon ww: Hamster breaking 2(Life, before-after about unimaginable)

【2ch】 Nikko Thread Guide: Things that I do not know is damaged(From life, Internet service to wisdom of life)

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