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Rakuten Research conducted a survey on real estate in Japan and China,I found that there is a difference in consciousness concerning real estate purchaseThat's right. When I asked the question "Do you think real estate is the time of purchase now?" In both countries, whereas in Japan the attitude of appearance like "I do not know" was top, whereas in China " There was much opinion that it is judging timing such as "It is not".

Also, among the people who answered "not at the time of purchase", there were many positive reasons in China that "real estate prices are still relatively expensive", but in Japan it seems that "the future of the economy is uncertain" There seems to be many passive answers that feel uneasy in the future.

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Today's headline news.
Message from the Professor - "Phantom Book" edited "Recommendation on Basic Research to Reply with Q & amp; A"(Contents to be read for universities, students suffering from careers and young researchers)

Easy ☆ Chicken Curry (addictive) by Suga Shikako [Cookpad] Easy Delicious Everyone's Recipe is 400,000 Items(Food, you can feel good with easy recipes)

You are too transforming woman wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww - good morning www you guys wwwwwwww(There are cases that break through level called makeup, transformation)

Awesome feeling of hairdresser's shampoo | Excite news(Memo, movement of fingertip and wrist points)

Now about the report that Korean characters will not appear in "Hetalia Axis Powers" - Diary of Hokusaiwolf(Animation, How the truth is)

Anime that can not stop watching "dislike" 【Overseas Anime Forum】(It is written in the first person about animation, narinari dot com)

What is the vision debut work where Mickey Mouse is bent on the side? - Cinema Today(It seems that you can see it with a work called "plain · crazy" which is said to be a memo, an illusion debut work)

The secret of sales business for sales professionals who are a child of cloud computing | Destructors of business model | Diamond Online(Salesforce to develop CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software for enterprises that centrally manages network services, customer data management etc. founded in 1999)

MS search business's painful past - Google's phantom Google killer "Keywords": Special Report - CNET Japan(Net service, Microsoft had three means to counter Google)

Panasonic, TOUGHBOOK new model which improved visibility outdoors(Hardware, smooth operation is possible even in direct sunlight)

Wireless LAN router that connects to the Internet via a data communication terminal(Compatible with hardware, e-mobile, WILLCOM, au, SoftBank Mobile terminals)

Capcom Co., Ltd. | vol 06 Toshihiro Tokumaru(Game, Capcom tackling actively video works)

This guy, it will move! : Run Windows 7 Japanese beta version with "VAIO type P" (1/3) - ITmedia + D PC USER(Software, performance does not improve much?

App Town Navigation: Study road signs in 3 quiz formats - "Signage Master" for iPhone / iPod touch - ITmedia + D Mobile(Mobile, app that can learn road signs with iPhone 3G appeared)

KDDI announces "E05SH" corresponding to in-house PHS and wireless LAN and "E06SH" equipped with barcode scanner - ITmedia + D Mobile(Mobile, SDIO slot for in-house PHS card and wireless LAN card available)

ASUS, 160 GB HDD "Eee PC 900 HA"(Hardware, EeePC of entry model with improved performance)

Identity of Masogomi and Seven Eleven - Seoton secular material(What is on the back side of the profit of convenience stores, convenience store franchise headquarters)

Since the comic charge has been suspended, I will tell the impression from the first issue to the holiday publication (a little about another biennial youth magazine as well) - an explanation of an information addict, a print addict, or a narrative addict(Analysis of magazine, slightly less than two years 44) is interesting.

Yamaha history: Alfalfa mosaic(Companies are abbreviated, but they are done just like that)

KONAMI and TSUTAYA, director Kojima Hideo introduces "Special 15 movies that influenced the MGS series" to TSUTAYA(Game, "Navaroon's Fortress" "Great Escape" "007 Gold Finger" "2001 Space Trip" etc.)

Teaching of a preparatory school teacher - "give out" rather than "give" - ​​Ikoma diary(Education, people who only learn one way seems to be getting more and more stupid)

Gazing at the Celestial Blue Gaza massacre; "A method of public opinion manipulation of Israel" and a case of defense(War, the situation around Israeli white phosphorus bullet fault is well understood)

Where is the point that Promman really needs to manage (1/3) - @ IT MONOist(Introducing the latest tool of "TOC" "Critical Chain · Project Management")

Reduce the efficiency of work "bad habit" by reasonable means, straightforwardly: Nikkei Business Online(Work, 12 bad habits)

Mrs. Michelle's dress is a topic, meaning: Nikkei Business Online(USA, First Lady also plays the role of advertising tower of culture)

Daily life of the unknown US President: Nikkei Business Online(About the staff who support the White House in the United States)

Tata Motors, can not move with diversification: Nikkei Business Online(A car, "a factory that requires bombs being thrown, employees threatened, police protection needed, such a factory can not operate")

What is "niko" of "Okoguchi"? Questionnaire talked about on television broadcasting | Trend | Free video GyaO [gao] |(There are overwhelmingly many people who put "u" in a note, ○)

About 40,000 members, why they exist ~ "Introduction to Yamaguchi-gumi" Kenji Ino (review: Shinsuke Ogino): Nikkei Business Online(Yakuza, unknown history of Yamaguchi-gumi)

Is China OK? [32] US eBay overturned in three years ~ China's great network revolution (1): Nikkei Business Online(Internet, the story that "credit" was important in China's net business)

Cool Biz "think that it is established" 40%, Warm Biz 10% - Eye Share research(Note, it is rare for you to hear the word Warm Biz certainly)

Rakuten and USEN set up "GyaO @ Rakuten" in Rakuten Market(Internet service, web screen · distribution content · advertisement is nearly the same as GyaO side at the start of service)

Strongly enhance still image related functions in new farm of SCE, PS3(Add games, photo gallery function etc.)

"Haruhi is my daughter" Cosplay year and fighter "Nagashima ☆ self-starter Yuichiro Otomo" Exclusive interview [with movies] | Trend | Free video GyaO [gao](Note, comment that "I want to cross the cosplay rather than Ani wata")

@nifty: Daily portal Z: I run the course of F1 for 7 hours (at Mama Chary)(Memo, experience memo of "Super Mama Chary Grand Prix" held at Fuji Speedway)

Surreal production, "To which black tissue" at the bedside!? | Excite News(Note, a black black tissue in a skull type box)

SD card is best if you hide sexual harvest file: tell me .net(Explain how to use the entire SD card as encrypted drive)

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