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Dressing doll which is still popular even nowRika-chan"The new color of the flower that capped the name of,Sakata seed and Takara Tomy cooperate and sellIt is said to be. Newly to be sold is the start of order with "Angel Pink Rika" containing a covering with a color width from pink to rose in the yellow background and "Moonlight Lica" with a small black blotch and a blue coat on the yellow background It is from June 2 (Monday). Shipping will be from late October 2008, and after that it will be sold in seedling shops, gardening shops, home centers etc all over the country. Even so farRainbow color violet with LiccaAs many flowers are on sale as a series, it may be good to try Rika chan fans together.

So, tomorrowMay 13. GIGAZINE wrote such an article on May 13th one year ago.

Visualize the various data of the whole world and see the truth when shown - GIGAZINE

Obviously wrong bacon picture - GIGAZINE

A flashy shooting game that clears all 50 stages "Luminara" - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
Markup Dancing >> Where is the web industry facing? Part 3(Work, the web industry is told that it is a huge human resources shortage and we are exploring the cause)

"Kaise SP" died in site update(Interview with Mr. Kazu of "Net," Kaizu SP ")

Female college student, what do you think, "Am I able to get married here?" : NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(There are many cases that notice the gender difference for the first time in hiring, job hunting activities)

【Special Report】 Use 32-bit Windows unmanaged area for RAM Disk(About the RAM Disk creation tool named "Gavotte Ramdisk" which became a topic focusing on software, 2channel Windows board)

Intellectual production technique not culled by Google - My Life Between Silicon Valley and Japan(Intellectual life, thoughts and ideas for effectively utilizing time)

【2ch】 New speed quality: taught recommended recommended cleaning site(Life, a lot of useful sites for cleaning)

Renai Tec: NG points to be overlooked by her 4 - Everyday jp (Mainichi Newspaper)(Love, overture of collapse)

Manga "Is it Naze that a woman likes to be held from behind?" 〓 Psychology Station 〓 Sites that can learn psychology in the world in the world(Memo, commentary on manga psychologically)

【3】 Why is the height of reward and satisfaction not proportional?: NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(About psychological, unconscious work to resolve emotional contradiction)

JASRAC monopoly, why not collapse - Listen to President Arakawa of JRC (1/3) - ITmedia News(It has become a de facto standard in JASRAC in every industry related to copyright and music)

Meine Sache ~ Maine Zache -: UN that blasphemes human rights(It has become international, double standard)

Why do you say you should not commit suicide? Although it is said that suicide is the last escape path left behind | Power 2ch(Suicide, "Excellent answer" You can not forgive just for ease ")

Do you have full-fledged entry into the corporate market? : NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Apple, because consumers' view towards Mac is changing)

What does "scent of soap" mean in the first place? Excite News(Memo, the most popular scent)

What the Chinese want most to know is "assets of government bureaucrats" = survey excite news(Memo, even Japanese people are concerned about this)

Singing the theme song of 'Soul Eater Monotone Princess' is T_M_Revolution - Famitsu _ com(T.M.Revolution is also in charge of music and game songs)

E ... Vangage ... Rion? Revoltech is totally upsetting: Otaru Blog(Memo, got messed up Evangelion)

New speed Labo (`· ω · ') US drama Popular, beyond the number of Japanese movie rental, the momentum approaching foreign movies(It's interesting to watch movies and Japanese movies on TV broadcasting)

"KY" followed by words not in the dictionary, from junior high and high school students - ITmedia News(Words, recruitment until the end of September)

"Stupid people" who broke the traditional battles! - OhmyNews: Oh My News(Baseball, I understand how to cheer but moderately)

OTA / BL hobby and parents barrel | blog posting cosplay costume notes(Blog, it is hard to conceal hobbies that you do not want to hit)

"Jeans wears in a somersault" Movie is extremely popular: Actually, YouTube strategy of "Levi's" | WIRED VISION(Advertisement, the power of a review video made by a professional is abnormal)

After all what to do with PSP - [Game industry news] All About(Game, becoming able to sell because of momentum)

impact! In the interrogation room "To smoke cigarettes" Whole body fireballs - MSN Sankei News(Note, passing fire to the suspect wearing kerosene)

Average hourly wage of dispatched system engineers, 2315 yen - @ IT(Work, temporary staffing company itself)

What I usually do in the bath is ●●●● Garbagenews_com(Life, more than 30% are brushing)

Game information & blog (Before relocation α test in progress A new work appears overseas dream cast! SHT "DUX" promo.(Game, Shooter game again)

Sanko. Secret that all items are out(Interview, About Secret of Unique Product Development)

The role of Dragon Ball Z cell, the fact that Wakamoto is too joking in the game(A voice actor, are you going to have the same performance?

Wada Akiko, Arm Wrestling showdown with Rambo! It is! ... Results Complete Failure - MSN Sankei News(Note, because I can not seriously give it)

Haagen Dazs: Super 1000 senior high class ice sold out on the net on the same day - every day jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(Food, andauctionIt is drained)

Business Media Makoto: Konishi Kensuke's "Thinking of Customers.": Haagen Dazs - Dolce (1 - 5) shaped like "The Moment of Bliss"(Grabbing 10% of meal, ice cream market)

Is it going to be! Is it? Nagoya's new specialty Ebisupa Ice Release - MSN Sankei News(Food, there is no genuine article indeed)

Untitled blog - Selling soy sauce put on ice cream(I wonder if I eat so much plain ice cream)

Livedoor news - 【Otoko soul】 oil in pizza, ramen in the middle of the night, a diet for a man to eat even if you eat(Food, male food feminine)

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