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When asking a woman in her twenties how she wants to be confessed from her favorite man,It seems that the situation of "night view" and "hugging from behind" still has a strong popularity. In addition, it seems that everything looks like girls' comic books to be overly readable, and opinions that fastballs are the best.

However, it is important that "from a person you like" is important, and when confessed confessions are made from people who do not care, it will be donned, so it is courageous to try to confess in a directive that has made fancy is.

So, tomorrowOctober 21. On October 21, one year ago, GIGAZINE wrote such an article.

I tried to train with "The Last 10-Second" to display an emergency earthquake bulletin on a computer - GIGAZINE

I ate Lotte "Winter Koala March" and "Winter Pie Fruit" that became a winter specification - GIGAZINE

Dock to pierce SATA connected hard disk and attach it externally - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
Ah ah ah ah! - Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia(Memo, what is this ...)

How Akiba 's Anime Store fights "The Net" - ITmedia News(Note, opportunities to net sales by providing added value unique to shops)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): "Asahi is just a bad mouth" Governor Hashimoto, criticizing this paper editorial - Society(Memo, an objection to the editorial titled "Do not return the bridge entrance TV remarks attorney qualification")

Most popular mobile sites for high school students are "Mobage", "Nico douga", "Proposal front", most unknown parents are: Mobile Channel - CNET Japan(Mobile, surprising that we have released a lot of information unexpectedly to blogs and SNS)

"If you are on holiday ..." PSP sent a cram school bombing notice 3 documents sent inspection - MSN Sankei News(I also wrote that I requested 100 million yen for incidents, realistic sense)

"Moe!" And get angry "Moe Voice To Do Software" to be made - ITmedia Biz.ID(Software, I made a sister version by hiring a voice actor to become "feeling being operated by a machine" if it is an inorganic synthesized voice)

Reason not to use generic medicine, "Because it is not recommended for doctor" 60%: Marketing - CNET Japan(Although health care is the same effect, the doctor is hard to recommend cheap generic drugs)

Ayahpan, Yuzu Kitagawa also co-star with questions? - Entertainment News: nikkansports.com(Entertainment, a sense of strange distance came)

Escala cafe | The twenties girls' throbbing is a "hard boy" of the royal road! "Anime characters that I liked more than the hero" ranking 【everyone, what do you think? Women's ranking in their twenties](It was surprising that Piccolo of Dragon Ball ranked in anime, 10th place)

The painful news (No ∀ `): The reckless family (Ladies) appearing in Cosplay in Akihabara appeared! ... Noisy in front of the station(From memos, scale and behavior, it is subtle whether it can be called a reckless family)

Internal and external time - NMR(Memo, strange event encountered by ghost story)

Anxious marijuana investigation "loophole of law" using self-cultivation rapidly increased (1/2 page) - MSN Sankei News(Cannabis, a hole saying that criminal liability is not questioned in the store even if he sells hemp seeds as being "not cultivated")

Taliban: suicide bomb "60% disabled" Kabul Associate Professor - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(Note, clearly that the Taliban uses socially vulnerable people)

"Aso Liberal Dema Channel" appears in Nico Nico Douga and the utilization of net animation takes root in domestic politics: News - CNET Japan(Politics, methods used in the presidential election of the United States have penetrated in Japan too)

"ARis" release event in Akihabara: I tried to say "I do not want such a thing" to the electronic brain figure - ITmedia + D PC USER(It seems there were scenes where memo, companion was done)

If JR West praises relationship between superiors and subordinates if studies are bad, the opposite effect - MSN Sankei News(Society, in the end human relations become important)

Will "IME 2007" become "a child you can do?" Fixed program to improve conversion and learning Published - ITmedia News(Improve accuracy and learning function of Kana-Kanji conversion of software, "Office IME 2007")

How many kinds of "coffee of the day" are there?: Saizo Woman(There are 12 types of coffee at the memo, Tully's, it rotates at the shop's discretion)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Senior male "Choya" Recommended mortality rate decline, survey in Ibaraki - Science(Health, a chubby body may be the secret of longevity)

"WBC director Hoshino" Opposite thousands signature site presence - ITmedia News(Internet service, registration only unnecessary if signing)

Toshiba agrees to acquire some NAND flash production equipment from SanDisk - ITmedia News(Note, Samsung has proposed acquisition for some time but San Disk refused)

"Kuatariro Taro", Talent Activities Declaration - Performing Arts - SANSPO.COM(Osaka, already established a management office "Taro Company")

Are linear motor cars realized around Bukkakei ?: Saizo Woman(It seems that the train is goal for 2025, but I spend quite a while)

Asahi.com (Asahi Newspaper): Employee trips, surprisingly popular? Young people also return trend JTB survey - society(Note, people who answer "company fellowship events do not want to participate" are decreasing)

Game * Spark -: The great zombies of the past gather! "Resident Evil 5"
Battle scene until the latest work comparison video by Miu
(Game, graphic evolution well understood)

【The world's subtle gourmet feature】 Announcing shocked curry shop BEST 3 - Ameba News [Ameba news](Food, full of curry curries)

FujiSankei Business i./Bloomberg GLOBAL FINANCE: Industry / Sweets × Fashion Show New possibilities to enjoy with tongue and eyes(Memo, fashion show decorating sweets directly in costume)

Forest of Window - 【NEWS】 "Java LUNascape 4" v4.8.0 Official Version Released(Software, updated Gecko engine to version equivalent to "Firefox v3.0.2")

Check new match fighting game "Fighting True" - Famitsu.com(No relationship with game, "fighting god")

How to get more drinks in Starbucks and McDonald's - In the middle(Some foods are reduced by the amount of drinks increased)

【2ch】 New speed quality: Why does the woman try to throw away the man's collection?(Memo, collection is hard to understand value for others)

CNN.co.jp: Returned to families of the owner's house in the United States(Memo, people who dropped had already died)

Huge "Transformers" Various Made by Chinese Youth Using Scrapped Vehicles | WIRED VISION(Note, Transformers seems to be the same as or more popular in America than in the USA)

Edy, Suica, PASMO ... Double withdrawal Continuation: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Unlike cards and credit cards, it is hard to notice that they are doubly debited.)

Elephant Z Z Topic that that "t.A.T.u." Is no longer keeping its prototype(Entertainment, I do not know who is next to the photos of the heyday)

"I want to embrace" "I want to kiss" Disposing the principal of sexual harassment - Society - SANSPO.COM(Sexual harassment, fact discovered because it offered retirement due to sexual harassment of the principal)

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