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East Hato CorporationIs an image of the flesh of the mammoth said to have disappeared from this world about 10,000 years ago and raised primitive romance to the present age, the "primitive experience snack""Mammoth meat!? - Siberian salty taste" and "Mammoth meat!? - Sauce flavor of grilled meat"It will be released on August 3 in the convenience store nationwide.

It is a snack confection that imagines the flesh of mammoth, and it does not contain the mammoth meat, but "Hyogo Ice Age, Marriage Ice Age, Economic Ice Age ...., Hyundai surrounded by a lot of" Ice Age ", it is totally herbivorous It is said that the message that "I want men who got to eat meat to survive strongly by eating meat" is included, and the estimated actual selling price is around 130 yen.

So, tomorrowJuly 15. GIGAZINE wrote such an article on July 15th one year ago.

Retro vintage fitness machines - GIGAZINE

Boy who made equipment of Halo 3 with cardboard and tape - GIGAZINE

A man who can put a dog to sleep with Larry Ho - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.Microsoft, "Office" to be offered free of charge on the net | Reuters(Software, against Google Docs?Microsoft Office 2010Will be web-based freeware)

Benefits for marriage between different castes, Nepal International News on measures against discrimination: AFPBB News(International discount rate of 100,000 rupees (about 120,000 yen) will be paid to newly-married couple between different casts as measures against discrimination against the lowest people "Dalit" accounting for approximately 13% of the population)

US NY Phil to Cuba performance, both governments also support | Entertainment | Reuters(International, New York Philharmonic who also performs in North Korea in 2008)

Apps for iPhone one after another Appeared exciting e-book market - L-Cruise - Nikkei Trendy Net(It seems that the market is expanding more and more as e-book mobile choices are expanding, such as publishing, net books, Kindle, game machines such as DS · PSP, mobile phones including iPhone, etc.)

Ichiro decided to make a start in the "No. 1 right wing" - MLB News: nikkansports.com(Sports, President Obama will also be watching the All-Star match, by the wayBusch · StadiumIs irrelevant to George Bush)

The deciding factor is onion! What is "Nagoya dumpling" going my way? - Tokai Walker(Food and dumplings were not miso taste)

ASCII.jp: White swimsuit is dazzling this year too! "Miss Magazine 2009" announcement event held(Memo, Sori Kobayashi, 18-year-old from Kyoto who won the Grand Prix)

Doala Kyushu Doku Guide Book | Chunichi Sports(Sightseeing, why "Karashi Goodwill Ambassador Kakuzyu Goodwill Ambassador" Chuo Dragons Koala Type Mascot "Doora"

"Evangelion Hakone complementary map" - Distribution by net application, beginning - Odawara Hakone economic newspaper(Animation, distribution ended very popularly "Evangelion Hakone Complementary MapSo that even people in remote areas can obtain it)

Cooperative dairy, two kinds of pudding named after the chef | Nikkei Design(Is there a necessity of overlaying "chestnut" and "marron" of food, "Kagada chef Maron Pudding")?

Marketing ?: a must-see person must [Book Review] "" Depression was caused by food! "(Health, nutritional therapy actively taking nutrients as a material of serotonin)

Why does not the genre "Accounting Moe" popular?(Idea, image included in the symbol "Accounting girl" summary)

【China blog】 Nanjin people's confession, "I am not hating the Japanese" July 13, 2009 (Monday) 19: 53: 27 [Searchina](War, how people perceive by people vary)

22 wonders of map and address: Mapion Lab (neta)(It's quite dark and funny because people over 10 years of address, supervised by map)

@nifty: Daily Portal Z: Introduction to German swordsmanship(Interview, a game of a game using a long sword tournament or broadsword and a buckler)

Scars are unlikely to disinfect Science of the skin as an ecosystem - information thinking Passion For The Future(Medical, certainly "scratchpower pad" is very effective)

"Alzheimer without symptoms": Study the relationship between brain and language skills | WIRED VISION(Disease, it may be possible to lower the probability of becoming demented if you acquire a high language skill in your teens)

Thinking while reading "Bakuman"(Consideration that it might be an answer to what I want to do manga and stereotypes)

What are you thinking about a holding pillow! Is it? - Hatena :: Group :: onlooker :: 2 ch - Dojin -(The content of the e-mail came the next day I wrote in my diary that I bought a high class lucky pillow over 10,000 stories is amazing)

【Serial】 Fry fried rice! - Excellent recipe made with familiar ingredients (1) Egg mixed later or mixed earlier ?? | Life | My comic journal(Start from recipe, Tamaki fried rice which is the basis of basic)

Do dogs also hit the tags if walking? : "Phone, E-mail, Next AR" - I saw the latest demo of "Sekai Camera" (1/2) - ITmedia + D Mobile(Technology, Augmented reality)

A beautiful country that is detained for another two months because the principal offense has been released but the 4 day byte has been denied, Japan - NOW HERE(A trial, a case where the meaning of the original trial and the system are not functioning)

Young people, let's go to the elections: Nikkei Business Online(Politics, "Yahoo! Everyone's Politics" the trainee speaks)

Tears do not stop Copipe fun white snake shop(Life, being condensed variously during short)

【2ch】 New Speed ​​Quality: 【Baseball】 "Marriage Sheet" Successfully Appeared in the Successful Participation by 2860 People ... Nippon Ham(It certainly looks interesting to do live broadcasting of sports, male and female movement of marriage seat)

【Boxing】 Requesting Jim president's disposition of "Hajime no Ippo" - MSN Sankei News(Caused by involvement in the entertainment of sports and professional fighting sports organizations)

I'm Gaming Bulletin @ Blade: Looking back at the picture "Dragon Quest 9" from sale to the present(Game, easy-to-understand series flow)

Japan Online Game Association Announces Trend of Online Game Market 2008 - Famitsu.com(Games, online game market increased 11% over the previous year)

Miracle One Photo Exhibition: Alfalfa Mosaic(There is also a picture, staggering, stiff)

A big sales promotion officer: Alfalfa mosaic(Words, properly used)

I am sorry. Baby photos of the eggplant cartilder 4 pictures International News: AFPBB News(Animal image, born in Zoological Garden in Cologne, GermanyBean bearded maumaru monkeyBaby)

Do you understand women with under hair? Lily Frankie's acclaimed 'under hair book' is predictive of break [with videos] | trend | free video GyaO [gao] |(A practical idea that responded to the needs of women that a catalog of under hair can be present as in the case of a catalog of hairstyleLittle devil agehaThere may be things that lead to)

Hakata Gion Yamakasa: Showing a group mountain "King Rising" Appears King - Everyday jp (Mainichi Newspaper)(Hakata Gion Yamakasa, which will welcome the finale at the chase after the domestic tomorrow morning 15th tomorrow)

Asahi.com: High school baseball news "" Samurai Japan "scorer, Yuhei Ueno" realized by "thankful work" appreciation - high school baseball(Ueno-san who supported the team as sports, WBC's scorer, Ishikawa prefecture public high school days was aimed at "overwhelming private")

What is the type of beautiful girls that differ from region to region? "Bishoujo figurebook" soon wins the whole country! | Trend | Free Videos GyaO [Gao] |(Memo, popular free magazine already decided to publish in 42 prefectures, if the number of samples increases)

Excavation of a beautiful girl from the city of Akita beauty - "Akita Bishojo figurebook" to this first autumn - Akita Economic Newspaper(Memo, also advancing into Akita production area Akita, this seems to be quite possible)

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