Five ways to sustain energetic power so that nightly activities can be done overnight

In order to make the time spent with a lover meaningful, or to make a husband and wife life more satisfying, sustainability of some extent is still required. It is necessary to have sustainability at least at the level that the other party is satisfied, but it seems that many males do not do so well because of physical problems and various circumstances.

For those who are not confident about sustaining such a little energies, five advice that allowed nightly activities throughout the night were posted on "".

Details are as follows. - Enduring A Sex Marathon

Part 1: Do not reach it

It seems that we should not reach the climax of sexual excitement. Avoidance can be avoided by choosing a position with less sexual stimulation, which varies from person to person, so we need to know what kind of position is best for ourselves. Also, it seems effective to change your posture when you are about to reach the climax of sexual excitement.

Part 2: Do something that she is pleased with

Even if it is reached by carelessness, if you rest, you may be revived, so for that you will need to rest. However, if you go to sleep you will lose both young and old, so you can sustain such atmosphere by hugging her, caressing, massaging, touching, kissing.

Part 3: Do not drink alcohol too much

Alcohol is known as a relaxant and if you drink too much you will lose the ability to sustain your energy. Furthermore, because it has a sedative effect, it is easy to make a man sleep. On the contrary, it is possible to promote unsafe behavior such as not using condoms, so it is better to refrain from taking alcohol in order to sustain energies so that nightly activities can be carried out overnight I will.

Part 4: Be creative

In addition to simple, introducing adult toys, introducing eggs, ropes, blindfolds, or foods such as ice cream, chocolate sauce, whipped cream etc. is also effective for prolonging the whole process of nightly activities It is said to be.

Part 5: Use lotion

"Prying" is one of the potential problems that arise if you do long-term activities in the evening. Therefore, it is effective to prepare various kinds of lotion (rubber if it is oily matter) and thirst is also thirsty, so we need to take measures such as preparing a cup of water I am doing.

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