Uniform OP's uniform appeared on "Tower of Druaga ~ the Recovery of BABYLIM ~"

Online RPG "Tower of Druaga ~ the Recovery of BABYLIM ~"Game creator Masanobu Endo appearsOr,Cooperative set appearedOr,Fatina's athlete clothes released with anime OP appearedAlthough it is doing, it seems that the uniform which Fatina wore by anime OP appears next time.

Before, I wrote that "everything that appeared in anime seems to be available in the game," I heard that it is momentum, but maybe you're going to implement all sorts of clothes that appear in animation seriously ....

Details are as below.
School uniforms appear in Dorgacha new! It is! And Dolgacha Limited DVD 3 volumes are an animated mask of that person! Is it?

When wearing uniforms like this.

Equipments are four of school uniforms (upper), school uniforms (lower), raw hands, school shoes, and images are examples of women's characters wearing images. When worn by a male character it is said that the sleeve of the shirt will be folded back with the necktie, mini skirt, high-socks Fatina wearing when the female character wears in the form of pants on the short-sleeved white shirt properly worn by Jill. The place of sale is Dorgacha.

By the way, this time is the uniform of Fatina, is not the uniform with the best worn by the heroine Kaja?

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