"Tower of Druaga ~ the Recovery of BABYLIM ~" Kurea Kiki set comes out

MMORPG "Tower of Druaga ~ the Recovery of BABYLIM ~"You can get rare items and useful items without losing"DorgachaThere is a mini game called "Tower of Druaga ~ the Aegis of URUK ~"A set that can become a character · couper appeared in" Appearance "appeared.

It may be possible to convert all the parties to cooperation, as was the animation episode 5 "Gius Dora's Trap".

Details are as below.
Dolaga's tower animation equipment series 2nd bullet

Equipment is a set consisting of 5 points "Kaori Kakiri Ribbon" "Kuopa Pretty Tunic" "Kuopaharikari Hose" "Kuopa Pretty Glove" "Koopa Crisp Boots", all occupations can be equipped. Equipped with unisex equipment, looks slightly different when equipped. Also, since only appearance is modified fashionable equipment, performance of original equipment will be maintained.

It might be fun if all the parties can equip it.

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