Animation "Tower of Druaga ~ the Aegis of URUK ~" It can be Jill or Cooper in MMORPG with DVD benefits

Anime"Tower of Druaga ~ the Aegis of URUK ~"DVD 1st volume will be released on June 27th (Friday), but as its benefit MMORPG"Tower of Druaga ~ the Recovery of BABYLIM ~"It seems that aspects such as animated characters can come in within. With this, it may be possible to "make all the parties cooperative" like the 5th episode of animation.

Details are as below.
Tower of Druaga ~ the Aegis of URUK ~
"First episode: Adventure of Jill" is a privilege for the first time limited edition version! In addition, limited items of online games are also determined as privileges!

The first episode "big tower of Druaga" and the second episode "Mesquia in the tower" are recorded on the DVD. In the first limited edition, SPECIAL DVD "the Disc of DRUAGA" comes as a bonus, and the first episode "Jill's Adventure" broadcasted on GyaO will be recorded, as well as a synchronized playback version of the first episode and the first episode Is recorded.

And, in addition to "Animask" which can be an animated character as a permanent privilege that comes even if it is not the first edition, there are also "Animasque" which can become an animated character, "Ishita's grace (30 days)", "Hathasug wisdom (30 days) Items that can be used with MMORPG "The Tower of Druaga ~ the Recovery of BABYLIM ~" are included. These will be in the form of receiving serial numbers in the game.

Animasks are all six types and belong to the following characters. First, the main character Jill (CV: KENN).

Kaiya (CV: Fumiko Orikasa) of the priest (healer) at the heroine.

Female warrior Aimei (CV: Hayami Lisa).

Magician (Mage) 's Melt (CV: Goda Hotzumi).

Melt's followers (servant), Cooper (CV: Chihara Minori)

The remaining one is a secret.

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