Will "iPod" appear soon after falling further with a new design

I previously leaked internal information on the iPhone to the netKevin RoseMr. Mr. Mr. said, "A new iPod presentation will be held within two weeks and three weeks." The above image is said to be the new iPod.

Details of rumors are from the following.
This is my website | Kevin Rose - blogg - New iPods Coming Very Soon

According to Ms. Kevin, he announced the following, although it is a rumor to the last.

· The entire lineup of existing iPod will be improved

· The design of iPod touch changes only a little, but iPod nano is greatly changed in design

· A considerable dramatic price cut is done for iPod to balance with iPhone of $ 199

· IPod touch 2.1 software update announcement, iPhone itself updates as soon

· ITunes 8.0 will be a big update and new features will be installed

· All these will be announced within 2 weeks to 3 weeks

It is unknown how far it will hit, but it is certainly not surprising if a new iPod is released soon ...

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