A man who propose to a loving woman using Google Maps Street View

How about privacy by differences in culture and land use situation between Japan and the United States? It became to be said that it was standing on the brunt of criticism "Google Maps Street ViewHowever, a man who propose to a woman who loves it by itself is emerging.

How to procrastinate using Google Maps Street View, the method is as follows.
Like this

"Propos 2.0" "Marry me, LESRIE !!" is written.

Before that,Google Maps Street View shooting carI'm wondering how I knew how to come in advance ... .... In the future it may be that some people set something in front of the house on the premise of such a thing.

2008/08/25 00:08 postscript
According to Talekomi from many readers, here isNear the Google headquarters addressSo, is not the employee informed of the fact that Google Maps Street View shooting vehicles come out beforehand? ... apparently ... Certainly it is close to the Google headquarters, it is here.

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