A still scarred scar of World War II still remains, when the ground of the ground is excavated, the remains of soldiers

Western Russia once became the battlefield of World War II, so it seems that traces of that time will come out when digging out the suburbs of the village.

And when I actually dug it, the soldiers' bodies and relics came out. Tomorrow is the last war memorial day, but I will be told again of the horror of war.

* Since there are shocking pictures, attention is necessary for viewing.

Details are as follows.
When we unearthed the suburbs, something really appeared.

Is this a sword?

A decaying fountain pen.

Although it is torn, characters can be read.


What is in it?

A large amount of remains was found.

Numbers of the bones that were lined up.

The gun had kept its original shape.

Considering that the remains were buried so as to fold over, we can see how distressing scenes at the time were spreading ... ...

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