Finally an invisible new material that can be used for "optical camouflage" appears

This new material "Metamaterial(Meta Material) "will be announced in Nature magazine at the end of this week, it will make it invisible by transferring (twisting) the light in a different direction. A test to bend the visible light has already been done, without jokingghost in the ShellIt becomes transparent by identifying with the surrounding landscape that appeared in "Optical camouflageIt seems that it came one step before realization.

Details are as below.
New Material Could Make Objects Invisible | LiveScience

This material is "visible light"Negative refractive indexIt has "abnormal optical properties not existing in nature". This makes it possible to change the direction of electromagnetic waves, so it can be made invisible.

In addition, this research will be published by the National Science Foundation Research Center of the University of California, Berkeley. It was created by Jason Valentine, Jie Yao, Xiang Zhang and others, and it is a "fishing net structure" and it states "It shows a clear negative refractive index".

What kind of things actually will be completed ...

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