The University of Tokyo develops technology that makes HDD capacity 5 times or more with "light grain"

According to the Asahi Shimbun news report, research teams such as Professor Otsu, who major in electronic engineering at the University of Tokyo, raise the capacity of hard disk (HDD) by more than 5 times by using "light grain" It is said that he developed technology.

BeforeHitachi developed a technology to raise the recording density of HDD to 2.5 to 5 timesI also told you that GIGAZINE, but HDD seems to be still ahead of the previous one.

Details are as follows. New technology development leading to large capacity HDD Tokyo University Group - Science

According to this article, the research team of Professor Otsu of the University of Tokyo announced on December 6 that it developed a new technology which can dramatically increase the capacity of HDD such as personal computer.

This is because when recording data by using magnetism in the HDD, by adjusting the temperature of the disk surface with a special "light grain" to stabilize the magnetic recording, there is a defect in magnetic recording due to slight temperature change He said that he developed a disk with a recording density of 1 terabit (about 125 GB) per square inch (about 6.5 square centimeters) by avoiding getting out.

Also, with the development of this technology, Professor Otsu said, "In addition to being able to realize several Terabits of HDD with laptop computers, the capacity of small HDDs used for portable music players etc. can also be dramatically increased" is.

By the way, with the mobile music player currently equipped with HDD, the largest capacity of AppleIPod classic 160GB modelBut, if the HDD using this technology is put into practical use, will it be that an unexpected iPod exceeding at least 800 GB will appear?

The page of Professor Otsu's Professor's lab is below.

Nanophotonics Otsu Laboratory | The University of Tokyo

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