From majestic to sensual one Smoke art variety

A variety of smoked art, expressing various things with smoke as a motif. Most of the things processed with "Photoshop" are, but it seems to be misunderstood by the high sense work. While leaving a fluctuating feeling of smoke, the place which is firmly shaped is also artistic.

Pictures are as follows. Human face. It is likely to materialize as it is.

Pigeons. It seems that it will fly like that.

movies"Cheating in seventh yearIt looks like Marilyn Monroe.


skull. It seems I got cursed.

Express sensual women.

It looks like seahorse.

Other smoked art can be referred from the following.
Dark Roasted Blend: Sublime & Sensual Smoke Art

Actually when the cigarette smoke becomes like this, it is pretty chattering.

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