Coating technology for plain paper that prints letters with light and can be erased by heat will be developed


From the viewpoint of environmental protection and other aspects, we have never been able to reduce the amount of "paper" used, but as long as the content is written in pencils, it can not be "erased and reused" if it is printed. To change that premise, we printed letters with light (ultraviolet rays), the contents could be erased with 120 degrees of heat and "paper" which can be used repeatedly was developed.

No ink needed: Scientists have invented a paper that you can print with light, erase with heat, and reuse 80 times - Quartz

Photocatalytic Color Switching of Transition Metal Hexacyanometalate for High Performance Light-Printable Rewritable Paper - Nano Letters (ACS Publications)

This technology is from the University of California RiversideYadong YinIt is thought by Dr. et al. And uses titanium oxide (TiO 2), Prussian blue (PB), Prussian blue analogue. Coat each mixture of nanoparticles on plain paper.

Titanium oxide isphotocatalystIt is known as "electrons" from the surface when exposed to ultraviolet rays. Prussian blue turns white by redox reaction by this electron.

In other words, by applying ultraviolet rays to the coated plain paper, you can print with "white letters on the blue background" or "on the white background".

The resolution of letters is 5 μm, the time that can be maintained is about 5 days. If you want to erase it immediately, give 120 degrees of heat for 10 minutes OK.

Although this is not the first time for "ink-free paper" that prints with light, the place where Dr. Yin's technology is superior is inexpensive and easy to realize, and in Quartz commented "There is an eye for commercialization" .

In addition, although the possibility of popularization will increase as the machine that coats plain paper is cheaper, Dr. Yin and others are planning to tackle this problem next time.

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