An aged fighting fighting game "MONSTER" resells, making it possible to pre-empt the arcade with a major update

In order to break down the current situation where 2D fighting game is entering the era of winter,Mr. ShoK developed by himself as a doujinshi doujin gameReal 2D fight fighting game "MONSTER"Added a new character and high image quality, and greatly improved the powerBecoming an arcade game as "MONSTER AncientCline"We previously told you at GIGAZINE, but we decided to resell the doujin game version "MONSTER" at "Comic Market 74" to be held from August 15th to 17th.

A big update to the doujin game version "MONSTER" will be done so that it will be able to play the same content as the arcade version, so if you want to anticipate the arcade version and novice users with little fighting game experience It may be good news.

In addition, two of the characters newly appearing in the arcade version have become clear.

Details are as follows.
◆ What is 2D fighting game "MONSTER"?

It is a game to fight with ten characters using the character including hidden characters. It also implements net playing function. In the arcade version, in addition to 10 people, 6 more characters are added.

The girl "Old County Midnight" and the wolf "Othello". It is also the feature of this work that there are many tribal characters called "Beastmen".

A boy with a strong dragon "Delga" and a spirit, "Lyle".

A girl with wings "Sherry" and a blue dog "Aleksandr".

◆ Game content

The battle scene is like this. This is the screen of the arcade version under development.

When the Special Moves are activated, the face of the character becomes a big picture.

In the arcade version, the graphics are greatly improved, and the characters are fine.

The effect of the technique has also been improved.

It is quite impressive. Maybe I want to see the place that is actually moving.

A demo movie looks like this.

2 new characters appearing in the arcade version

Ogre. It seems like a mysterious female warrior who makes crimson hair flutter in the wind and fights with a sword ...?

Large blue water (Oomi suzuou). It is distinctive hair ornament like Native American.

In addition, resale of the doujin game version "MONSTER" which is the same content as the arcade version (except for characters) will be resold on the second day (August 16th, Saturday, August 16th) of "Comic Market 74" to be held at the international exhibition hall ) West District "Ah" Block 03a "8105graphics.It is said to be done in.

Because the doujin game version "MONSTER" is able to compete using the net at home, "Although I am interested, even if I play at the game center anyway, the user who remembered in my arm interrupted and it was instantly killed Even beginners like fighting games such as "It will be helpful to be able to practice at home for the operation of the arcade version.

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