Counter attack of old generation aircraft, viewing any video saved on YouTube and HDD on PS 2

While next-generation game machines such as Wii, PS 3, and Xbox 360 are grappling the market, Sony'sPS2 (PlayStation 2)However, it seems that PS2 will release the software that enables you to use the video distribution service such as YouTube, and enables you to watch all the videos such as DivX and H264 format saved in HDD.

Although it was released in 2000 and boasts a popular number of more than 100 million units in the world, it may still be ahead to retire from the active role.

Details are as follows.
Qtv - Product Tour

According to this release, the software "Qtv" that will make online video service etc. available on PS2 will be released this autumn.

"Qtv" makes it possible to use various video distribution services such as YouTube with PS2, and to be able to enjoy movies, music and image contents stored on the USB connected HDD and flash memory on the TV.

The corresponding format is as follows. In addition, it is said that it will be updated automatically every time a new codec is released.

musics:MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC
Video:MPEG1, MPEG2, H264, DivX, WMV, MOV, MP4, XviD, FLV

This is the menu screen of "Qtv". Just like I saw somewhere ....

Items to play movies as well.

Online shopping is also available.

Beyond the frame of game machines, there is a lot of compatible formats that can not beat the PS3 of successors that are turning into multimedia machines, but it may be very pleasing to be able to use cheap PS2 as a multimedia player I do not think so.

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