I went to "Brass Layter Cafe" with special menu such as fusion drink

For a limited time only from August 1 to 10, animation "BLASSREITER"To celebrate the release of DVD Volume 1, Akihabara's"CURE MAID CAFE"QUEEN DOLCE"Dragon Ice"There are special menus with a motif of brass liter at 3 stores.

In the store, we distributed three consolidation cards, and by going around all the stores, we get a blended card and other special stickers for the event only, so we went to Akihabara with the blasterster of the editorial department at once.
Coffee shop integration event BLASSREITER Cafe OPEN!

First of allCURE MAID CAFE". A special menu of brass layers is posted under the normal menu.

I ordered "Captain Wolff's Spicy Curry". CURE MAID CAFE 's curry sauce with des - sauses, I thought at the beginning that it was just a beef curry, but despite the fact that the desease was so hot it was not enough even if there was water.

Next is "Day of Judgment Day Soup." It is a demoniac color soup using purple cabbage, red onion, ratatuille, bacon. Although it looks very allegish, it can be eaten with confidence with the taste of orthodox consommé soup.

"Fusion drink · Joseph". Blue Hawaii and ginger ale express blue which is the color of Joseph, and if it mixes firmly and puts pomegranate syrup, it becomes green of the electric. After having eaten hot curry, I felt that carbonic acid is sparking more than what I always drink.

This is "Fusion Drink · Gelt". Calpis and Jinjaeres are mixed, at first it is a white gelel as a racer, and as a stirring it is a drink like a red gerd as a demoniac. By the way, the pomegranate syrup about fusion drink seems to be imagining the blood of demoniac.

As soon as you go outside,Dragon Ice".

Here, five kinds of special menu of "Joseph Brass Layter", "Elea", "Zaguin", "Amanda" and "Mayfon" were provided.

I ordered "Joseph Brass Layter" and "Amanda".

It was very hot this day, so it has melted quickly. The shaved ice of milk flavor was cold and tasty. In Joseph and Amanda the sauce is slightly different, but the base milk taste was intense, so I did not understand the difference in taste much.

And the men's cafe & BAR's "QUEEN DOLCE".

There are five kinds of drinks, and three kinds of "Joseph × Elea", "Amanda × Marek", "Gelt × Herman" are non alcohol, "Al & Blood", "Zaguin & Beatrice" are in alcohol. I was also concerned about alcohol but I still tried drinking three kinds of non alcoholic alcohol because it was noon. First of all, "Joseph × Elea".

Stirring will change the color.

This is "Gert Hermann". Is it a combination of red that makes an image of the undefeated champion · gert and a red that makes the burning man Herman image.

Is "Amanda × Marek" the color of Amanda's eyes (blue) and the color after Marek's transformation (yellow)? I can stir it and enjoy it.

And here is a merged card.

I hand it over to the shop people and push the stamp and I get a sticker.

Five types of stickers can be ordered with merged cards. The one on the left was one of them, which I got at CURE MAID CAFE. It seems that the type that can be obtained by the store is different. The right is a special sticker that you asked the questionnaire with QUEEN DOLCE.

By the way it was a bad thing, the character card was a drag. Surprisingly the Hermann rate increased.

The Brass Layter Cafe is until August 10th, so why do not you visit this Saturdays and Sundays if you are interested but have not yet gone.

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