A mail announcing "Beijing Olympic Stop"

English e-mails carrying an announcement to "stop Beijing Olympic Games, Atlanta" are on the net, and the number is expected to reach millions as estimated. What on earth is the purpose?

Details are as below.
Storm worm fishing at 'Beijing Olympic Stop'

This is the mail

Although the address posted following the text is visible on the page of Argentine company counselor organization, it is actually linked to another address, and when clicked, the screen of pornographic movie as shown below suddenly appears It is said that.

Like this

In order to watch this video, an error message saying that "Video ActivX Object" needs to be downloaded and installed is displayed, and if you click "OK" here, you will see the malicious malware (Trojan.Downloader.Win32.Agent.vyi etc.) is installed and infected, and it becomes a personal computer which is manipulated by someone else.

Recently the way of this hand is gradually becoming clever ...

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